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nikki knows 

My communication style is very blunt, but accepting and forgiving. When you're having a reading done with me, my priority is that you feel 100% physically and emotionally safe. If you practice a certain region/belief system and want to express that during our session, I'm happy to accommodate you and your requests. 

Everything has energy. You are made of energy. I am made of energy. Your animals and children are made of energy. This planet we’re spinning around on is made of energy. Most energy we can not see. We can’t see microwaves, infrared, wifi signals, or sound frequencies, but we know that they are there and they exist. It’s a similar concept when I “read” the energies around me. 


As I “read” the energies around me, I will “pick up” certain information. Sometimes it is obvious what I am being told, but sometimes I have to interpret what’s being relaid to me. (I’m not speaking with humans who speak english…I’m speaking to disembodied energies).


I use a combination of different “clairs” (clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizance, etc) to interpret and find a solution for everyone involved (living or not). 

What May Come Through During A Reading

Personal Energy / Tarot Reading

  • Solutions/Causes To Current Problems

  • Behaviors That Are No Longer Serving You

  • Pattern Recognition 

  • Loved Ones Who Have Passed

  • Living Loved Ones Who Are Unable To Communicate To Do Medical Condition

  • Past Life Soulmates

  • Current and Past Karmic Situations

  • Energy Attached To You/Your Soul (may be negative)

  • Healing Information

  • How To Get “Unstuck” / Forward Movement In Life

  • Messages From Your Spirit Guides / Angels / Deities

  • Energy Vampires (human or spiritual)

  • Childhood Trauma / Specific Memories 

  • Lost Items Found 

  • Pets - Current and Past


Area / Home Energy

  • Past inhabitants of house/land/property

  • Spirits attached to property

  • Removal of energies or spirits (unless requested otherwise)

  • Potential Problem areas (leaks, structural problems)

  • Find lost items / objects

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