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I started reading tarot cards shortly after graduating high school. I use the cards as a tool whenever I was running up against a problem that required a big decision.  While using the cards I noticed they were "freaky accurate", which caused a lot of issues for my scientific atheist brain, with no belief system. 

In 2019, I began the process of "ego death" after having a near death experience.  This experience opened my intuitive awareness up to a level that I've never knew was possible.  As I started the enlightening process, I obsessively read tarot cards trying to find meaning behind my experiences and trust in the universe.  In this process, I've developed my own belief system that isn't limited to one school of thought, but off of experience, experiments, guided meditation, genuine curiosity, and a lust for life.    

In the past, I've worked 10 years of retail/commercial management, 5 years as a 911 Operator/Emergency/Police Dispatcher, and 5 years as a personal trainer.  I take great pride in helping people, but with each career, it took a larger toll on my mind/body than I was willing to give.  I have a lot of unique professions and hobbies that have given me a wealth of prospective and allow for an open-minded speech.

Tarot gives me the freedom to move where I'm needed at anytime for a higher purpose.  I'm here to serve the divine down here on earth.

How / Why I Started

nikki knows 

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