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Are you curious about how someone feels about you? 

  • Sibling

  • Current Lover / Situationship

  • Ex-lover / friend

  • Child

  • Long Lost someone

  • Pet 


I will use tarot, oracle cards, and my intuition in order to find the feelings that are both on the surface (conscious) as well as the feelings that are buried (subconscious). I will pull up to 15 cards to get a full picture of what they’re feeling and why they may be feeling that way. 


Please include the name of the person who you are asking about and your current relationship status.


Your reading will be delivered in TEXT FORM from the email address within 7 business days* of completing your purchase. Your reading will include a picture of the cards drawn. 


*If it has been longer than 7 days since your purchase, check your spam folder first. If you still haven’t received an email from me, please feel free to reach out to the provided email address to check the status of your reading. 

How Do They Feel?

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