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This purchase will be a GENERAL SPIRITUAL READING, with NO QUESTIONS asked.  I will use both tarot and my intuition to tap into your energies and possible spiritual advisors, angels, guides, or higher self. 


I will first tap into your energy and see if anything comes out. I sometimes will receive words, sounds, pictures, or certain visuals from your life. I will then pull 3-5 cards that will give me a bigger picture as to what I am receiving. I will also pull oracle cards based on your tarot reading.


Your reading will be delivered in TEXT FORM from the email address with-in 7 business days* of completing your purchase. You will receive a picture or two of your reading.


*If it has been longer than 7 days since your purchase, please feel free to reach out to the provided email address to check the status of your reading. Your reading will include a picture of the cards drawn.


General Spiritual Reading - 20 Minute

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