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This reading will offer guidance between two different paths. I will be using tarot primarily for this reading. I will ask multiple in depth questions in order to help you reach a decision with confidence.  I will ask questions for each situation like: 


  • What successes are to be had?

  • What’s hidden and we do you need to prepare for?

  • What can you examine on the surface right now?

  • What’s the future?

  • What should you avoid?

  • Where should you force your will? 

  • What would be the outcome as it stands right now? 


Please include the two different situations you need help choosing between. It can be as simple as a name. 


I have the personality of Judge Judy. If you've ever watched one of her shows, you'll understand that she ONLY WANTS THE FACTS. I’m not Maury Povich. I will not listen or read a long story. You can provide me with a brief summary that’s 500 words or less. I am dyslexic and will not read any requests more than a few sentences long. If your information is too long, I will use my discretion and provide you with the best reading possible.


Your reading will be delivered in TEXT FORM including pictures from the email address within 7 business days* of completing your purchase. Your reading will include a picture of the cards drawn. 


*If it has been longer than 7 days since your purchase, check your spam folder first. If you still haven’t received an email from me, please feel free to reach out to the provided email address to check the status of your reading.

Decision Making Guidance

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